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Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Restaurants use colors to trick us into eating more or influencing calmness. Warm tones of orange and red subconsciously invite customers to stay longer as where bright reds and yellows force people to eat and bounce quickly. If companies are infecting our subconscious at their liberty, how can we use colors to promote our own happiness and well being?

Chakras are rotating energy vortices inside of our bodies. These vortices resonate with specific colors, while being directly connected to organs as well. The knowledge of these orbs come from ancient texts from India called" The Vedas." These texts are said to have been written between 1500 and 500 B.C. There is also evidence of chakras written in" The Upanishads." For someone beginning, there is a more straightforward seven chakra system one can work with to get their feet wet.

Colors can be used to do chakra work. By wearing a green shirt, we are boosting our heart chakra. By sleeping with Christmas lights, one is charging all the chakras of associated colors. This is done through a frequency. The vibration absorbed creates color, but is also absorbed through our prana tube, resulting in the vortices gaining energy.

The prana (life force energy) is absorbed through the prana tube located in the core of our body, running vertically from top to bottom. This tube is also related to the torus (aura); our bodies radiate. Here is a very brief overview of the seven chakra system starting from the base of our core to above our heads.

1) Root Chakra- Red- Spine, legs, kidneys, and colon. A balanced root chakra aids in survival instinct and confidence.

2) Sacral Chakra- Orange- Reproductive organs, prostate, and bladder. A balanced sacral chakra aids in a healthy sex life and balanced emotional well-being.

3) Naval Chakra- Yellow- Pancreas, liver, and stomach. A healthy naval chakra aids in the ability to not be walked on and our will power.

4) Heart Chakra- Green- Heart, circulation, arms, and legs. A healthy heart chakra promotes unconditional love, intuition, and compassion.

5) Throat Chakra- Blue- Thyroid, hypothalamus, throat, and mouth. A healthy throat chakra will allow us to communicate, seek truth, and increase creativity.

6) Third Eye Chakra- Purple- Pituitary gland, ears, nose, and pineal gland. This chakra aids in intuition, wisdom, imagination, and the ability to evaluate cause and effect for underlying truths.

7) Crown Chakra- Indigo- Located above the crown outside of our bodies. There aren't any organs centered around this one since it resides outside of the body. Crown chakra is associated with the light body, energy being, or soul. No hatred or fear is living with this chakra, there is only unconditional love and understanding.

There are countless ways to work with chakras, including crystal grid work and reiki, but no more straightforward way than with colors. The main objective is to have all the chakras open and working together in harmony. Who doesn't like harmony? I feel we all know the world needs to be a more harmonious place.

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