The Geometric Code of Creation

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

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Galileo said, "Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe." Everything created is based on geometry. Everything created follows the same ratio. The golden ratio, Phi. A plus b equals c. There is a numerical order to objects in the universe. I will try my best to describe the flower of life and its relationship to the divine order for creation. I am not a flower of life scholar like some, but I do have an interest in the subject.

The flower of life is found all over the planet. The oldest known flower of life is in the Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt. These carvings or burns are said to be up to 12,000 years old by some. The flower of life is also located in China, India, Japan, Israel, and Spain, to name a few. What does it mean? From where do these symbols originate? It is taught that the flower of life can be broken down into sections and understood better.

The seed of life, also known as The Genesis Pattern, consists of spirit as one circle, which created six more rings. This pattern is at the core of the flower of life. It is said to be a representation of how the universe came to be. Spirit was one circle living in the void. It's known that being in the abyss you can't move, because there is nothing there for reference. There has to be something around to alter from, or to in any direction. Spirit needed something which led to another circle created from awareness. This action created a reference, which made movement possible. Spirit (consciousness, god) began moving about and creating more rings, and on the fourth day, half of the universe transpired. In Genesis, it's written that on the 4th-day creation was half done. Once there were six circles, the production of the cosmos was complete. These six movements or circles could have to do with why we hear bibles stating, "in the beginning, there were 6."

In ancient times the emblems were always stopped at 19 circles and never completed. Were they trying to keep the full picture a secret? When you remove the outer ring and fill in the flower of life to its complete form, you get the fruit of life. From this symbol, everything on this reality is created. The circles of the pattern are said to represent feminine. When you draw straight lines connecting all circles to one another, the lines represent the masculine. When these lines are drawn, another pattern is created from the unity of male and female energies called Metatron's Cube. All of the platonic solids are embedded inside of Metatron's Cube. Everything that is in our reality is based off of the platonic solids. Metatron's cube is created from the fruit of life, created by the flower of life, which was created by spirit (god, consciousness).

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Throughout the cosmos, there are mathematical constants that ring throughout. These constants ring true with the spiral of galaxies, to the inside pattern of a sunflower. Phi is considered the golden mean ratio. Its number equivalent is 1.618. When you take a+b=c and multiply c by Phi, you will get d. Adding c and d will give you e, and this repeats throughout nature. As far up and as far down as one would like to go.

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We have another mathematical pattern seen throughout nature called the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci sequence is 1+1=2 2+1=3 3+2=5 5+3=8 etc. This ratio, too, can go out forever. As the Fibonacci keeps working its way, it keeps getting closer and close to the phi ratio. You can see it in the sunflowers and nautilus shells. In the center of the spiral, you can see that it's not perfect in the middle. As the spiral begins to open up, it comes less noticeable that its not Phi. That's because the Fibonacci ratio has a beginning and the phi ratio does not. Just like life has a beginning but source (God, consciousness) does not.

Many ancient structures around the world are built off of the phi ratio. I wonder why that is, did the ancients have an understanding that is unknown to most today? The ancient statues made by the Greeks were built off of the phi ratio; you can see it in the quality of the art. The roman statues weren't built off of the same sequence resulting in lesser quality statues. The Yakushi-ji Temple, The Parthenon, Giza Pyramid, and Chichen Itza, to name a few were all built off of the phi ratio.

Is the Fibonacci and Phi relationship a direct mathematical model for what we are doing here? Is the phi ratio the numerical representation of source (God, consciousness)? Phi has no beginning and no end, all life works its way to Phi through Fibonacci, and Phi is the source of all mathematical sequences needing only 2 numbers to generate a pattern while all others necessitate 3.

There is so much more involved with the flower of life, more than I can comprehend at this point in my life. Harmonics being one of them. I like to take a break from the flower and come back from time to time to see if I can pick up more pieces. An excellent book on the subject is "The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life," written by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

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