How to Fix Some Ugly in the World

Where does all the ugliness in the world come from today? I know that the media pushes negative topics because they are the topics that get the most attention. Has the world always been this crazy, or do we hear about more instances now because media has become so prominent? Am I just realizing these things because I'm getting older and paying attention to what's going on around me?

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One of the main things I see wrong with the world today is how we treat one another. Everyone has to have an opinion of someone else because of how they act or think. What happened to acceptance and self liberty? Are there people that I don't enjoy being around? Absolutely! That doesn't mean that I am going to talk badly about them or insult their character, just because it doesn't coincide with mine. We need to allow people to be free from our discrimination. We need to have conversations, not one-sided my opinion is better than yours, I'm right you're wrong type of interactions. We don't know what other people have experienced to encourage individuals to act the way they do.

The biggest thing that leads to how we treat each other is division. We need to get away from division because it draws lines in the sand. Well, guess what, it's all one beach, and everybody's on it. It doesn't matter the color of our skin, the price of our clothes, the political affiliations, or anyone's sexual preference. It matters that somehow we find a way to live peacefully among one another.

One of the most significant dividers that we face today in this country alone is politics. I remember when I was growing up, there was republican and democrat. In the political realm, it was two sides, one or the other. Now we have, in addition to, left and right, socialist, liberal, do we not realize these are fake words that we give false meaning to? You can't tell me that there are more than maybe a few people that one hundred percent share the same beliefs as another. I can look at every person around me, even people that I follow and not agree with them on everything. So why do we even have these classifications? Why don't politicians represent themself instead of a class? I understand coins have two sides; it just seems to me it'd be scarce to get some else's coins to match all of mine.

The biggest divider on the planet is race. When immigration first started, it was common for immigrants to stay close to the import cities and establish communities based on where they came from. Italian people would go to the Italian village to live and work. It allowed these people to have a sense of security in a less than pleasurable environment, which promotes "grouping." We need to move away from grouping individuals into classes. Religion "groups" individuals very well. Baptist, Catholic, Hindu, Athiest, whatever it may be. Just because someone believes something that we don't doesn't mean they are inferior or superior. Believe what we want to believe, but don't look down on or push people to believe what one individual believes. There are no classes in the human race. We are all humans, and we all deserve to be treated as so. I'm not saying when someone crosses us that we need to cower and let it be. Being a stable platform for yourself and standing up for what you believe is something we should all do. Respect one another, but stand up for yourself. If we all treated one another how we want to be treated, then there wouldn't be a need for standing up for ourselves. It's possible to turn this into a modality; it will just take everyone putting in the work at the same time. More importantly, it will take time. It won't happen overnight because once again, we are humans, and we make mistakes.

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I hope for a future where my child can have conversations and not have to deal with the ugliness that we have today. I hope in the next ten years; we go through a massive shift in humanity. I will absolutely try to do the best I can, will you?

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