How to Operate From the Heart

Wouldn't it be nice to be happy all of the time? We would live our lives on the highest vibration, only to feed off of one another and take ourselves higher. We, as humans are capable of taking control of our thoughts and emotions. We are in command of how we react to particular instances. There is a big difference between operating from the brain and operating from the heart.

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Think back to when you were a kid. When we were young, we operated from the heart, and we used our brains for processing information. We used our hearts for interactions between parents, family, and friends. Why is the majority of the mass not doing this today? In our youngest days, there was no fear, division, or hatred; there was only love, acceptance, and the desire to learn more. Just because we are older and have processed the dangers of society doesn't mean we need to incorporate those three nasty vibrations into our lives. Throughout our day, when we are observing, there is no reason to be in our heads making up judgments, we are only there to watch. To process information, that is all. When we interact with humans, plants, and animals, we must respect and love one another. Not love in the sense of sex, love in the spirit of we are all united and doing this together.

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We have the capability and power to shut down the all too normal division that's going on in the world today. The bottom line is we are all humans, and we need to get back to unity. Judgments incorporated from race, political disposition, gender preference, religion, it's all bull shit, and it has to stop. Not everyone is guilty of these claims, but all of these things mentioned promote division, which brings hatred and leads to fear. It's not the fact that these things exist; it's that we feed them our energy. No one wants to put their own beliefs on the chopping block for fear their constructs will be broken down. We're not supposed to live vicariously through a book; we're supposed to gain information and turn it into wisdom through experience. We're not supposed to choose one person to lead millions on six different continents. We're not supposed to think poorly of our brothers and sisters who have a different view of how we're supposed to live. We're supposed to work together from the heart with compassion, empathy, and love. Have conversations, not disputes. Most importantly, we are to accept one another and be kind to all.

Operating from the heart takes work, but is definitely worth the trial. When I feel my body temperature rise, I start talking to myself, reminding myself it's not my standpoint. At work, when things aren't going my way, sometimes I will start to get frustrated. The best thing for me to do is put everything down, take a couple of deep breaths, walk away for a minute, then come back. Nine times out of ten when this happens whatever I was fighting goes precisely as it should. Feeding something our anger is only going to inflict angst upon ourselves and cause more chaos in whatever interaction is happening. Anger inflicted on a human will probably get you violence in return. In instances like this, the negative energy sent is only creating more at its destination. We are getting nowhere with those types of actions.

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Incorporate operating from the heart in your everyday life, and you will see significant improvement in personal happiness. People around you will see a newfound glow that you've acquired and will notice a change in your person. At the days' end, take a look back and evaluate yourself. Give yourself a grade on how you did for that day and take note of what you can do differently next time. Doing this does work I guarantee it does. If there is one situation that occurred and you handled it in a manner that you wouldn't have prior, then that's success. Set a goal at 30% then 50% to 100%. I don't know if anyone can handle 100% of their interactions in a positive manner, but I know if we set our goal at that, then we will continuously be improving ourselves.

One may ask, "Well, how do you operate from the heart?" You focus on your heart instead of your brain. You feel instead of think.

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