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Updated: Sep 14, 2019

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Some of this article was picked off of the internet and is not my original work. I am only listing my findings. One would be able to search anything I talk about from these pickings and find original work. I will note my original work at the bottom.

Jeffrey Epstein has been a topic for quite some time now. The whole thing is disgusting. I can't even fathom what a victim would do, how they would survive, or more importantly, how they would heal. This entire thing sickens me, and this is an attempt to get it off of my chest.

Internet pickings start here:

---Epstein is obviously rich, but no one really knows where he got his money from

---On the sexual predator list

---Science nut. He wanted to insert his own DNA into the human species

---While being held on sex trafficking charges he committed suicide

---Bill Cosby lived across the street from his Manhattan mansion

---His Manhattan mansion was given to him by Les Wexner. The CEO of L Brands which is Victoria's Secret, Pink, and Bath and Body Works

---Owned 2 islands in the Virgin Islands, one of them with the name of Pedophile Island

This is where it starts to get real weird:

---In 2008 he was convicted of sex crimes in Palm Beach. He got sentenced to 18 months served 13. He was in a private sector of the jail, cell unlocked, and allowed to leave for work duty 6 days per week.

---His non profit organization Florida Science Foundation paid the Palm Beach Sheriff's Department 128,000 dollars during his incarceration

---Alexander Acosta (remember that name) was the U.S. Attorney in South Florida. He is the one that approved the plea deal on Epstein in the Palm Beach court room. Alan Dershowitz was Epstein's representative in the court room

---Alexander Acosta claims that he was told from higher up that Epstein is above his pay grade, to leave him alone, he's intelligence

---Southern Trusts which was Epstein owned, worked out of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Their claimed goal was to research DNA to ultimately gain the technology to get computer generated research solutions to health issues

---In order to receive tax breaks he told the committee he had a person in the U.S. helping him who came from Harvard and worked at Princeton's Institute of Advanced Study. Martin Nowak fits the description

---Tax breaks Epstein received were 90% corporate tax break, 100% exemption on business property, and rent below market value in industrial parks for donating 400,000 dollars or more to local affiliations

---In 2003 Epstein donated 6.5 million to Harvard University for the creation of Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. Program was headed by Martin Nowak

---In 2012 that same program created the first mathematical model showing how a cancer cell stops reacting to a particular cancer treatment.


---Epstein was put on suicide watch a couple weeks prior to his suicide

---There were guards and non guards put in charge of checking on him hourly, which they didn't check on him hourly and possibly logs were filled in without actually checking

---Cellmate was a very huge individual incarcerated for killing 4 people in a cocaine bust. He is an ex-cop

---Cameras don't work

---The neck bone that was Broke on Epstein is commonly broke when someone is strangled, but also breaks when elder people try to hang themselves. The bone gets weaker with time

---Epstein wrote a will 2 days before his death, reported to have over 570 million in assets.

Pedophile Island

---Epstein employed the Governors wife, Governors uncle's architectural company, sponsored scholarships, and donated dozens of computers to a lawmaker to disperse in St. Thomas

---Epstein introduced the invasive Cuban tree frog to the island which required all landscaping and building supplies to be inspected

---Epstein ignored stop building orders, had numerous code violations, and broke agreements in preserving the island


---Multiple hard drives

---Hundreds of nude photos of young women

---Notes and messages allegedly confirming new sex trafficking charges

---Massage table with sex toys

---"Little black book" containing the names of high society members. Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, and Courtney Love to name a few. Pages were labeled Massage Paris, Massage U.K. and Massage Florida

---21 e-mail and phone contacts to Bill Clinton

---Fake passport


---48 loose diamonds as large as 2.38 carats

---A large Diamond ring

Ghislaine Maxwell

---She is the one who supposedly would go and recruit young girls to do massaging for Epstein. Leading into sexual favors

---Attended Chelsea Clinton's wedding

---Been photographed at parties with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Epstein

---Authorities can't seem to locate Ms. Maxwell

Prince Andrew

---Introduced to Epstein by Ghislaine Maxwell

---Photo with Andrew and Epstein walking Central Park together

---Been photographed and on video inside of Epstein's Manhattan mansion

___Been photographed with a young Virginia Roberts Guiffre

Virginia Roberts Guiffre

---Claims she was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell for masseuse work that led into sexual interactions with Epstein

---Says she was lent out to Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew. Dershowitz 6 times from the age of 16 to 19. Andrew 3 times including 1 orgy

---Says she was sent to Thailand for work, but fell in love and ran away to Australia

---In 2007 Maxwell, Epstein, and the F.B.I. all called in succession of days where no one knew where she was

---6 months later Australian police show up with a 12 page report on her time with Jeffrey Epstein

---Sued Epstein along with 24 other girls, settled for undisclosed amount

---Sued Ghislaine Maxwell for undisclosed amount

---Jennifer Araoz claims Epstein never worked alone, had a ring of enablers, and surrounded himself with influential people

Donald Trump

---Donald Trump's personal financier was Jeffrey Epstein

---Says he banned Epstein for harassing one of his employees at Mar A Lago

---Claims he was never a fan, and that he can tell us

---On record saying "I've known Jeffrey for 15 years. Terrific Guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it Jeffrey sure does like his social life."

---Roger Stone, Trump's former adviser writes in his book "The Clinton's War on Women" that Trump stated after returning from Epstein's house "the swimming pool was filled with young beautiful girls. 'How nice I thought' He let the neighborhood kids use his pool."

---In 2016 a woman claimed that Trump raped her at Epstein's mansion in Manhattan, the case was dropped. Her claim was she was 13 at the time in 1994

---Trump nominated Alexander Acosta as the U.S. Secretary of Labor

---Trump used Alan Dershowitz for advice in the Robert Mueller stuff. He was photographed at the White House

My intent is to not make allegations, but to only look at the pieces. From here is where my original content will begin.

Original Content

I don't know what to say about the suicide. Who knows what happened, we never will. Epstein was given proper means to do so and did it on his own, or murdered. That's an obvious statement though, and that's not why we're here. What's ahead is why we're here.

If Epstein is intelligence, then what could that mean? Are they doing it for money or some other reason? On the Joe Rogan podcast, he talks about how he's spoken to many intelligence people and what he said was something like this. From his understanding, he's herd that intelligence people will get people to do something dirty so when the agency asks them to sell drugs, they'd rather sell drugs than have the dirt they did come out of the bag. It's pretty much black male. Other than that the only thing I can think of is that it is some form of sick cult following. I'm leaning more towards it having to do with people who have money, more than money itself.

Many things could tie into the intelligence aspect of this chaos as well. You have the fact that authorities are having trouble finding Ms. Maxwell. The safe that police confiscated contained the false passport, 70 thousand dollars, diamonds, and the ring. It sounds like the safe is perfect for a quick bug out. If someone runs out of money, what will they do then? Gold, silver, and diamonds are always going to carry a hefty price tag.

Why would Les Wexner give Epstein a 77 million dollar mansion? To give someone something with that big of a price tag, I would have to think it was a significant investment. If Epstein got the estate, what did Wexner receive in return? Something that must have given him some form of pleasure, be it models, or money. Maybe money from models. Every clothing store needs models.

The fact that everyone mentioned in the above writing is people with money and power make this even more absurd. I'm pretty confident that blue-collar people like myself don't have the funds to buy a person. I'm pretty sure the types of people that have that kind of money are doctors, lawyers, politicians, or people that have something to offer like people in the academic field. If it's an intelligence thing, then that tells me that they are stealing our kids, torturing them and using them for blackmail; or they are stealing them for their amusement. Maybe that's better than the alternative. It's way more straightforward. I can tell you that. If that's not it, then the only thing I can think of is there are people out there who are in high ranking positions having sex with children for their pleasure. That is not okay. What that means is that the people that are leading this country are the ones having sex with children. It doesn't stop there; I feel like if this is the case, then this is world wide. It is something that probably happens as a "business practice," which I could be wrong, I'm not making a claim, only expressing an opinion.

The fact of the matter is that people's children are getting taken from them, and there is a trail that involves people in power. These people in power need to be held accountable for what they are doing and probably have been doing for many years. That does not make it right. If we are to progress, then there has to be change. We are doing ourselves, no justice by doing nothing. Some of you may read this and say to yourselves that I'm left or right, rep or dem, weak or stupid, but I'm okay with that. If someone is alright with what's going on, then they are part of the problem. I'm saying that it's the kids, and messing with the kids is not right. As a nation, we should not stand for what is happening. I don't know what to do about it; I don't have answers, I do have worry and the right to stand up for what I believe.

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There is a phrase called cause and effect, and when we implement cause and effect into our way of thinking, there is always a path you can follow to get an understanding of how things possibly planned out. Most generally, there is more than one path, but you can track almost every route until you meet satisfaction.

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