Nature As A Key To Happiness

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

The morning air is crisp and refreshing. The sun begins peeking over the horizon, waking all different types of life. The birds start to chirp, and the squirrels are out looking for breakfast. The sticks in the fire are crackling, while the heat is brewing the best coffee one can drink. There is nothing like coffee out of a percolator brewed over an open wood fire. Next to the fresh morning brew, we have a cast-iron skillet frying some potatoes, peppers, onions, bacon, and eggs. The aromas are nothing short of magnificent. These experiences are what remind us how things are supposed to work. It is a perfect retreat from the everyday sensations we all absorb.

Everyone is on sensory overload. The cars are always driving by, the industrial facilities are constantly polluting, and the televisions are regularly turned on. The majority of us are on a schedule we must adhere to, or it affects our livelihood. Everywhere we go, we see advertisements for material objects. It's become so routine that it's tricking us into seeking happiness in these objects. Around every corner, lays enticement.

The easiest way I have found to help with over stimulation is to spend time in nature. The best places to go are the ones without people and light. Going to places like this allows us to gain a sense of grounding that we so desperately need. People tend to look at themselves as something outside of nature. We are very much still a part of nature; we are only different from our cousins in the animal kingdoms. There is a connection with the wild that is in all of us. In these locations, we have to build our fire so we can have food, there are no sounds, but what nature creates. There are no bathrooms, only time with mother.

text: Image by Noel Bauza from Pixabay

Out with mother nature, there is a calming effect. It allows us to get back to basics. I feel it's essential that we continue to remember our roots. Camping is an excellent family activity. It forces us to bond with each other, and teach our children about different fundamental aspects of life. It allows us to remember where we came from and experience life from a different standpoint. With nature, there is no sense of time, only sun up to sundown. There is no sense of urgency because things are going to play out how they do. The only duty is to provide food, shelter, heat, and water for the day; then live.

I believe in respecting and being one with nature. Nature is our provider, and we must uphold our responsibility to take care of her. Without momma, there is nothing else. I feel like our relationship with her requires much repairing. There is great knowledge and wisdom to gain from spending time in the wild.

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