Sacred Plants in Ancient Egypt

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

It has become more mainstream that there are shamans in the amazon that are willing to hold sacred ceremonies administering a hallucinogenic substance, known as ayahuasca. This is no surprise, but when we begin to look into what ayahuasca is, we start to see some correlations from all around the world dating back to antiquity.

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We have no physical explanation as to why or how these shamans got the knowledge on how to make ayahuasca. Somehow ancient shamans found out that if they mix the ayahuasca vine with the shrub chacruna which is an MAOI inhibitor, it makes a robust hallucinogenic tea. In ancient times this brew was used to talk to the gods. The shamans claim the spirit of mother earth, Gaia, runs through the vines. Nowadays, when people have these experiences, they likely come back with knowledge on how to be a better person, and to live a better life.

In ancient Egypt, there was a tree that was labeled as the Tree of Life. It is reported that this tree was the Acacia Noliticus. It is now known that the Acacia tree has concentrations of DMT. It actually contains DMT, NMT, and 5-MeO-DMT. It is said that from under this tree, the first gods of Egypt were born. Osiris, the God of the underworld, was born under this tree. It's been said in mythology, that his spirit runs through all acacia trees.

In Egypt, there's also a more popular plant known as the Blue Lotus. This plant was highly venerated in ancient Egypt. The temple of Horus has depictions of kings giving this flower as a gift to the gods. Its flower opens up in the morning, and she closes at night, which is where the symbolization of the sun comes from. Regeneration, and death. Blue lotus on its own is said to have a wide variety of effects based on dosage. It can go from a mild sedative, cause euphoria, be a sexual stimulant, all the way to a mild hallucinogen. The blue lotus also contains kaempferol which has shown to be an MAOI inhibitor. What's the use of the MAOI inhibitor one may ask? Well, without it, the brew doesn't work. There is an enzyme in our stomach that keeps our average operating level of DMT at a precise level. This enzyme's job is to seek out extra DMT and to destroy it as soon as possible. The MAOI shuts that enzyme off. It's been reported that the Mayans would use the blue lotus for similar rituals throughout their civilization.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Moses was a slave who decided he was going to be the one to lead the other slaves out of the promised land. It was at Mt. Sinai, where Moses came into contact with God through the burning blue bush. The bush Moses is said to have struck ablaze was the Acacia tree. This could have very well been possible since there are 3 different types all containing DMT. There are too many correlations here to be ignored. "Moses talked to god through the burning blue bush," and when he was done, he had the knowledge of a new way to be, written by God, in the form of the ten commandments. When people drink ayahuasca or vape DMT, a lot of them come back with reports of meeting entities, talking to God, being shown a better way to live, or at least having a profound experience.

Where I am going with this is that maybe Moses drank the brew as well. It makes enough sense to not be put on the back burner. Talking to God through the burning blue bush. Osiris is a god in mythology said to live in all acacia species. The blazing blue bush could very well have been a reference to the blue lotus, which from prior research on its own has mind-altering effects. To top it off, he came out with a message, a strong message just like a lot of others do who undergo these same experiences.

I do not suggest ingesting these types of drugs. A lot of people who do them come back saying it was more of a nightmare, but profound none the less.

I feel there is a strong enough correlation here for this to not be too far fetched.

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