The Food That's Killing Us All

There is so much sickness in the world today. It's hard to know exactly where it's coming from, but I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with what we are ingesting.

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For so long people have been trying to keep a work-life balance. Keeping the balance is hard to do. The majority of people will wake up in the mornings with little time to spare. The children have to go to school, the adults have to go to work, and this leaves us no time for actual food. After the workday is over, a lot of individuals are in the routine where we have to go home get dinner ready; dishes washed, kids bathed, and hopefully get an hour of relaxing before they have to go to bed. Where do we have time to get actual food?

When we go to the grocery store, we're always thinking about what we are going to have for dinner this week. Our decisions are based on what we want but more importantly, what's going to be easy and fast. That right there is where we fall into a trap. The easy food is going to be the food that comes in the box. It holds little to no nutritional value, but we sacrifice that for ease. We tend to buy the hamburger helper vs. making real beef stroganoff. We go for the boxed noodles instead of making our own.

Most of the fruit and vegetables bought from the store are in plastic or tin cans. We buy these because they last longer, and they are cheaper. It turns out; we aren't doing ourselves any favors there either. The liner to the cans leeches into our foods and causes harm, while the plastic itself will leech into food after a duration or temperature increase.

There are fast-food chains all over the nation and the world. The quality of food generally served is poison. The meat is barely meat, with pesticides and herbicides covering the produce.

The momma cows giving us dairy are drugged up on steroids and hormones. If we look for ourselves, we will also find that there isn't any evidence of calcium deficiency from not consuming milk. That's beside the point. In some cases, milk can cause enlarged breasts and increased body odor. It's not from the milk; it's from all the garbage in momma cow making its way into the milk.

I'm not blaming anyone for purchasing these types of goods, because I understand why, and I too buy them as well. There aren't enough hours in a day to do what's healthy. Or is there? Maybe it's the fact that we are giving up too much of our time to the machine. Perhaps we are giving up too much of our time to something that doesn't even matter one bit.

I know that goods made in labs and sold as food are not suitable for us. I know that the diet we need is one involving light. The sun is a provider of light, and without the sun, we would die. It we are to be healthy and have a shot at fighting the cancer epidemic we must switch our diets to a light-based diet. The food we eat has to come from light; it's that simple. Humans are beings of light, so we are to eat light. We must bring ourselves away from the grocery stores as much as we can. We need to get back to planting gardens, and buying meat locally. A community looks out for people; governments only look after money. I think it's a pretty easy subject to understand.

We are what we eat. Eat light; be bright.

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