The Power of Conscious Interaction

We all know how to think; that's not a secret. How many of us are aware that our thoughts shape the reality that we create, and to what extent?

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There is an experiment called "The Double Slit Experiment." In this experiment, they shot photons at a backdrop through an object that had two slits. If you shoot little balls of particles through one slit, the spot where it hits is the shape of the slit. Upon adding two slits, one would think that where the particle hits would look the same as one slit, but with two. Not the case. The backdrop shows an interference pattern, like what you would get if it were waves shot through the slits. A mandala looking shape if you will. Scientists then decided to shoot one particle at a time through the slits, so there would be no way an interference pattern could show up. The result was another wave pattern. As if the particle split before the slit, then merged back with itself on the other side before it hit the wall. Science then put a device to view what was happening next to the slit, because they were astonished. In return, this made the photon go through the slits, not as a wave, but a single photon. What this means is that the particle decided to act differently. Was this particle consciously aware that another branch of consciousness was viewing? Is a photon alive? Does something have to be alive to make a decision? The wave pattern was taken away by being observed. Dr. Dean Radin later did an experiment involving the Double Slit Experiment with a meditation practice. Dr. Radin concluded that people with more experience meditating had a higher success rate in manipulating the photons. Check out his work, he is at

Dr. Masaru Emoto made the claim that human consciousness has an effect on water. He was able to take photographs of frozen water particles that were either blessed with intention, neutral or infected with negative energy. The findings showed that the particles that had love and intention were pretty and architecturally sound, while the infected particles were chaotic and scrambled. Dr. Emoto also took 3 jars of rice. He tells one "thank you," yells at another "you idiot!" and nothing to the third. Dr. Emoto concluded that gratitude allowed the rice and water to stay healthy longer. The rice with nothing spoken to it decayed, but the jar that was yelled at promoted decay at a quicker rate. All of this just because a human interacted with these objects?

There are times when we know we are being watched, or we finish someone's sentence. That is a connection between thoughts. When we do something, nine out of ten times, we thought about it before we acted. The idea of doing so brought the action to fruition. It was created by the subject. Thoughts don't reside in reality, we have to pull them from a non-physical realm to be communicated. Everything that we own, we pulled out of the sea of thought at one point.

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Thoughts have power, but emotions are more significant. I'm sure we all have woken up before, first thing decide that we don't want to go to work. In choosing to feel this way, that very act puts a cloud over the whole day. When we wake up and are grateful for something, our day will turn out a lot better. There might be something negative that happens, but it doesn't affect our character directly because of our mindset. What that begins to do is force us to start acting with our conscious, creating our own position, as opposed to tapping into someone else's. If we're around low vibrations, then we will vibrate lower; if we are around high vibrations, we will vibrate higher. As long as we stay focused and stay positive, set some goals, there is nowhere but up. All the people living their best life aren't talking about failure, they're talking about success. We must have control of our thoughts and emotions, so we can bring what's best to fruition.

When we are vibrating at a lower frequency, we are put into a state of dis-ease. Our thoughts will drag us down, our emotions, and even our immune systems can become inefficient. Being in a state of dis-ease can and will bring on sickness. I am not saying that people get sick because they are vibrating on a lower level, I know that it's more complicated than that. What I am saying is without a virus or a bug, we can still put our bodies in a state of dis-ease through our thoughts and emotions. It is our responsibility to keep our heads held high. It is our responsibility to keep our thoughts and emotions in check. We have the choice to be happy or the option to not.

There is a book and a documentary called "The Secret." What this book talks about is the "Law of Attraction." What the Law of Attraction basically describes is this. What you send out you receive. If you want a new vehicle, that's what you will receive. If you desire to be an astronaut and work towards doing so, you will be an astronaut. If you are choosing to sit on the couch and wish for a million dollars, you will continue to sit on a couch and wish for a million dollars. This is what is meant by "we are creators." We are creating every day, with every moment. We are feeding the entire collective as a single being. It's like this; the 5 residents of my home create the outcome of us. The 100 homes in the town I live in produces the result on our community. The communities affect the state, the state affects country, country to the world, but it doesn't stop there. We are all feeding the collective together, every person around the world is putting acts, thoughts, and emotions into this grid. The Collective Conscious. It has an impact on everything going on in the world today. Everyone is connected to one another through this grid.

If Dr. Emoto was able to have an affect on the water and rice, what affect do we have on one another?

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